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For guests seated at the Sushi Bar

Chef Kotaro prepared Open-Ended Omakase

Order as much as you would like

Market price

For guests dining at the tables

Wataru's Omakase

3 seasonal bite size appetizer sampler,
Sashimi, Sushi(7P) and Miso Soup


Kotaro's Sushi Omakase

1 seasonal appetizer, Sushi(7P),
Sushi(4P)with Roll and Miso Soup




Edamame $4.50
Seaweed Salad $5.75

Variety of Seaweed with a original house dressing

Nuta $6.75

Several Raw fishes with Sweet Vinaigrette Miso /
Seaweed and Green Onion

Sunomono Salad $6.75 *King Crab add $2

Thinly sliced Cucumber, Wakame, Ponzu sauce,
Choice of Tako, Shrimp or *King Crab

Kinpira $4.75

Seasoned + Sautéed Burdock Root and Carrots

Eggplant Nibitashi $5.75

Flash fried Eggplant simmered in a flavorful Soy based sauce,
topped with Bonito Flake

Oyster Halfshell 9.50

Fresh NW Oysters, Ponzu, Green Onion, Daikon Radish

Salmon Nanban $6.75

Deep fried King Salmon, Sweet Onions, Yellow Peppers
with House Sweet Vinaigrette

Spinach Ohitashi or Goma - ae $5.50

Boiled Spinach with Dashi base sauce or Sesami Miso

Smoked Albacore Tuna Tataki $7.75

House Straw smoked Albacore with Onion, Shiso and Ponzu

Sauteed Geoduck $9.75

Fresh NW Geoduck, Shiitake Mushroom, sauteed with Butter

Alaskan King Miso Salmon $11.50

Broiled Alaskan King Salmon marinated in Red Miso

Black Cod cheek Sakekasu $12.50

Black Cod Cheeks marinated in Sake Lees

Chawanmushi $7.25

A delicate, traditional egg custard

Sushi & Roll

Fish Item

*One piece price. Two pieces per order.

*Raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shell-fish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.







Island Hoppin /Elwah Rock IPA $7
Asahi / Super Dry $7


Sapporo Small $6 / Large $8
Kirin Small $6 / Large $8

Hot Sake

Shochikubai (6oz) $7 / (12oz)$13

Cold Sake

(6oz / 12oz)

Kurosawa Junmai Ginjo $9 / $17
Hatsumago Junmai $10 / $19
Otokoyama Junmai $11 / $21
Kamotsuru Junmai $11 / $21
Ichinokura Junmai $12/ $23
Onikoroshi Wakatake Dai-Ginjo $15/ $29
Yaegaki Nigori $8 / $15
Kenbishi Kuromatsu(180ml Bottle) $13
Yoshinosugi no Taruzake (720ml Bottle) $39
Kamotsuru Special Junmai(720ml Bottle) $39
Ohyama Special Jumnai(720ml Bottle) $45
Cho-ya Ume syu (Plum Wine) $7


6oz / Bottle


Montinore 2014(Pinot Gris) $8 / $30
Brian Carter Cellars Oriana 2013(Blend) $10 / $38
Array 2011(Chardonnay) $14 / $52


Purple Star 2012(Syrah) $10 / $38
Evening Land 2013 (Pinot Noir) $13 / $48

Corkage fee $25

Soft dirnk

S. Pellegrino (500ml Bottle) $5