Prices subject to change without notice



For guests seated at the Sushi Bar

Chef Kotaro prepared Open-Ended Omakase

Order as much as you would like

Market price

For guests dining at the tables

Wataru's Omakase

3 seasonal bite size appetizer sampler,
Sashimi, Sushi(7P) and Miso Soup


Kotaro's Sushi Omakase

1 seasonal appetizer, Sushi(7P),
Sushi(4P)with Roll and Miso Soup




Edamame $4.50
Seaweed Salad $5.75

Variety of Seaweed with a original house dressing

Nuta $6.75

Several Raw fishes with Sweet Vinaigrette Miso /
Seaweed and Green Onion

Sunomono Salad $6.75 *King Crab add $2

Thinly sliced Cucumber, Wakame, Ponzu sauce,
Choice of Tako, Shrimp or *King Crab

Kinpira $4.75

Seasoned + Sautéed Burdock Root and Carrots

Eggplant Nibitashi $5.75

Flash fried Eggplant simmered in a flavorful Soy based sauce,
topped with Bonito Flake

Oyster Halfshell 9.50

Fresh NW Oysters, Ponzu, Green Onion, Daikon Radish

Salmon Nanban $6.75

King Salmon marinated in house vinaigrette with sweet onion and bell peppers

Lotus root hasami age $5.75

Lotus root with several fishes marinated in soy base dashi

True cod karaage $5.75

Deep fried True cod marinated with Daikon radish yuzu ponzu

Spinach Goma - ae $5.50

Boiled Spinach with Sesami Miso

Smoked Albacore Tuna Tataki $7.75

House Straw smoked Albacore with Onion, Shiso and Ponzu

Sauteed Geoduck $9.75

Fresh NW Geoduck, Shiitake Mushroom, sauteed with Butter

Alaskan King Miso Salmon $11.50

Broiled Alaskan King Salmon marinated in Red Miso

Black Cod cheek Sakekasu $12.50

Black Cod Cheeks marinated in Sake Lees

Black Cod cheek Sakekasu $12.50

Black Cod Cheeks marinated in Sake Lees

Hamachi or Sake Kama Market price

Yellow tail or King salmon color broil with Okinawa sea salt

Chawanmushi $7.25

A delicate, traditional egg custard

Sushi & Roll

Fish Item

*One piece price. Two pieces per order.

*Raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shell-fish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.








Asahi / Super Dry (16oz) $7
Counterbalance / Abigale Blond Ale (16oz) $7


Sapporo Small $6 / Large $8
Kirin Small $6 / Large $8

Hot Sake

Sho chiku bai (Small) $7 / (Large) $13

Cold Sake

(Small / Large)

Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto $10 / $19
Hatsumago Junmai $11 / $21
Otokoyama Junmai $12 / $23
Kamotsuru Junmai $12 / $23
Ichinokura Junmai $13/ $25
Kubota Senju Ginjo $15/ $29
Onikoroshi Wakatake Dai-Ginjo $16 / $31
Yaegaki Nigori $9 / $17
Kenbishi Kuromatsu(180ml Bottle) $13
Yoshinosugi no Taruzake (720ml Bottle) $42
Kamotsuru Special Junmai (720ml Bottle) $46
Ohyama Special Jumnai(720ml Bottle) $45
Dassai Dai-Ginjo (720ml Bottle) $60
+++Special Seasonal Sake+++ Market price


6oz / 750ml Bottle


Jaillance Crémant de Bordeaux(Brut Rose) $10 / $38


Montinore 2014(Pinot Gris) $9 / $30
Brian Carter Cellars Oriana 2013(Blend) $13 / $39
Array 2011(Chardonnay) $14 / $52


Purple Star 2012(Syrah) $12 / $38
Evesham Wood 2014 (Pinot Noir) $13 / $48

(Plum Wine)

Cho-ya Ume syu $7

Corkage fee $25

Soft dirnk

S. Pellegrino (500ml Bottle) $5

In lieu of gratuity, an 20% service charge is added to each bill. This charge is retained by “the house,” of which each server receives 15%, with the balance being distributed to the rest of our team in the form of wages and benefits. You have many options to dine in this city and we are grateful you chose us.